I Aim To Misbehave
A Fine Arts college student majoring is debt and horrible puns

Man submitted:

man I wish I knew why this was in my inbox I dont even





today a guy confirmed that at boy sleepovers they do in fact talk about girls and who they like a good majority of the time i just thought this would be useful information

Why does this have so many notes? What did you think we do at sleepovers? Meth? Animal sacrifice?

Well thats what girls do

Boys have sleepovers? This is news to me!

ohdeargod where did these cramps come from come on you’re like a week late don’t be like that body 

Its interesting to me how people on the internet can be completely different when you’re actually physically with them. 

Steam Powered Giraffe’s: probably one of the only bands where I prefer their live music to their studio recorded stuff.