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Concerning Chell

Being a huge fucking fan of Portal 2, I’ve read a lot of theories, and more recently (tonight) seen a few videos surrounding who Chell is, who her parents are, etc etc. 

The most popular theory that is floating around the internet is that she is the daughter of Cave and Caroline.

But that just seems wrong. The whole chemistry of their recordings throughout the game (despite the fact that they were very close colleagues) hinted at nothing but just that; that they were close colleagues. Plus, is it necessary that if there are two people that work really closely together that they get it on and have a kid?

I totally understand people that ship that (hell, I’m in the Once-ler fandom, we ship everything with everything and generally nothing is “canon” so to speak). It floats your boat, you like it a lot, its your OTP. Completely understandable, you keep sailing young shippers, enjoy the gentle breeze. However, going back to the fact that a lot of people think Chell is Caroline and Cave’s daughter, I completely agree, there are some awfully big atom bomb hints that there is some type of really close mother and child relationship vibes coming from GLaDOS at the end of the game. So I propose to you this: (although its probably already been proposed) what if Caroline had a kid with someone else? Cave mentions at one point around the end of the underground part of the game that he doesn’t care if Caroline’s kicking and screaming, to convert her to an AI anyway (or something along those lines, its late and its been almost half a year since I played the main story mode). So what would be some of Caroline’s reasons for not wanting to be turned into an AI (besides the fact that its unstable and there were some risks and side effects involved from what I remember)? Maybe she had a daughter or something as well as a life to live. Although this theory in general is very far fetched since very little has been released from Valve, at the least, I feel like she isn’t related to Cave Johnson in any way and is at most Caroline’s daughter. 

End of ranting theories

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